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Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture
invites foreign citizens to study
About the Academy

The Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (DonNACEA) trains specialists in Civil Engineering and architecture for over than 75 years.

In Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics the DonNACEA is the only higher school which trains Civil Engineers, Road and Aerodrome builders, Architects, specialists in Urban Planning, Municipal Construction and City Economy, Economists and Managers for construction, Mechanical Engineers for construction.

Training of students from Asia, Africa and Latin America began in 1986, when for the first time students from 21 countries arrived to study in the specialty Industrial and Civil Engineering. The DonNACEA has trained more than 40000 civil engineers and architects, 40 doctors of sciences and 300 PhD. Our graduates have proved to be real professionals and work in many countries around the world.

Since 1999 our study programmes for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Industrial and Civil Engineering, Architecture, Municipal Construction and City Economy, Automobile roads and Aerodromes have been accredited by the Joint Board of Moderators (JBM, Great Britain), the Institution of Civil Engineers ICE (ICE, UK), the Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE, UK). Since 2005 DonNACEA is also a member of the Association of European Civil Engineering Faculties (AECEF).


The Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture trains specialists by a multi-stage scheme:

• Preparatory Department (1 year of training);

First level – Bachelor (B) – 4-5 years of training;

Second level – Master (M) – 2 year of training;

Third level – Advanced training:
post-graduate courses (PhD), Internship (1-4 years of training).

At the Preparatory Department within 10 months students study Russian language, as well as courses on their chosen fields of study.

Training and education work carried out according to national mentality, religion, culture, etiquette and living habits of international students. During classes teachers explain the basic rules of behavior, etiquette forms of communication that promotes cultural and linguistic adaptation of students to the new socio-cultural sphere.

Students of Preparatory Department receive graduation documents if:

course of studying is not less than 10 months;

the training program is carried out and final exams are passed.

At the end of studying at the Preparatory Department foreign citizens have the opportunity to continue their education in the DonNACEA in their chosen specialty.


Studies at the main faculties are possible in the following areas (specialties):

• Civil Engineering:  
— Industrial and Civil Engineering BM
— Automobile Roads and Aerodromes BM
— Technology of Building Constructions, Products and Materials BM
— Municipal Construction and City Economy BM
— Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation BM
— Water Supply and Water Disposal Systems BM
• Architecture  
— Architecture of buildings and structures BM
— Design of Architectural Environment BM
— Urban Planning BM
— Landscape Architecture B
• Geodesy, Cartography, Organization of Use of Land  
— Urban Cadastre BM
— Assessment and monitoring of land B
• Ecology  
— Ecology and Environmental Protection BM
• Engineering Mechanics and Transport:  
— Hoisting-Transport, Building, Road Construction Machinery and Equipment BM
— Automobiles and Automobile Facilities BM
• Enterprise Economics  
— Enterprise Economics BM
• Management  
— Management of Organizations BM


The complex system of educational work at Preparatory Department aimed at facilitating the adaptation of foreign citizens to the new studying and living environment.

Classes are held in bright, cozy and specially equipped multimedia classrooms. All computer classes where students can work under supervision of teachers and individually are equipped with modern computers with the software, which allows to prepare highly qualified specialists.

Providing students with textbooks, study guides and reference books is 100%. Virtually the entire learning process is carried out on the basis of educational materials and practical tools, prepared by teachers of the DonNACEA.

The Academy offers all facilities for comfortable accommodation of foreign students. Students’ hostels are located at the territory of the academy. The hostels have a block or hotel scheme of planning. In each hostel there are rooms for one, two or three persons. Students living in the hostels can use a high-speed Internet in the campus.

On the campus students can find dining-room, preventive sanatorium-clinic, first-aid post, barbershop. There is laundry which serves the campus. A dining-room suggests a large assortment of delicious food. On the territory of the DonNACEA there are 5 gyms where students can go in for 17 kinds of sport.

During study and living in a hostel with local students foreign students find real friends, warm relationship, attention and support from both students and teachers.



Admission Requirements

Necessary documents for entering the Preparatory Department and getting admission letter:

1. Copy of all pages of Passport (translated into the Russian language).

2. Secondary Education Certificate (translated into the Russian language) with indication the form of studding, system of knowledge estimation, list of studied subjects (with marks and value).

3. Medical Certificate (certified by the Department of Health of a student’s native country, and issued not later than two months before coming).

4. Birth Certificate copy (translated into the Russian language).

5. 12 color photos (3,5cm x 4,5cm).

6. Medical Certificate with AIDS-test (HIV-negative).

7. Insurance policy for the urgent medical aid.



Contact information
Donbas National Academy
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Tel.: +7-856-343-7032, +7-856-343-7033